About Us

Daniels Restaurant & Open Air Bar opened was opened in 1975 by Emily Daniels.

Our history is quite remarkable starting with Emily buying a so called “Biker Bar.” From the beginning Emily ruled with an iron fist combined with a great deal of care and hard work.

Her son, Dan, joined in her efforts of running the daily menagerie of a successful family restaurant. His reputation as “a man of his word’ and “respectful of others” grew over the years.

Dan and his wife, Barbara, had four children; Danny, Ben, David and Terri. All have been a part of the restaurant’s success. But it has been our customers, workers and friends that have contributed to our enduring success and state wide recognition as a well established family friendly restaurant. More importantly, as a community of people who reach out to help others. In fact, many of Daniels fundraiser funds have come from the motorcycle community.

From Operation Santa Claus, Hands Across America, Therapeutic Riding Center, to the support of local churches, fire departments and families we have all lent a helping hand.

With the passing of Emily, Dan and many of our friends, life at Daniels has changed, persisted and grown, but in truth our heart has remained the same.

For this reason, the Daniels Family would like to thank and applaud each of you for joining us in our efforts in saluting our veterans, reaching out and helping so many and remembering family and friends of our life time.